Someone on my guild forums was trying to think of a “wishlist” of priest gear… Since I had this list compiled for a while, I figured I would just do the ole’ copy and paste… Includes items up to Magtheridon.

Whitemend Hood (Craftable)
Headdress of the High Potentate (Karazhan: Chess)
Light-Collar of the Incarnate (Karazhan: Prince)
Collar of Cho’gall (Gruul’s Lair: Gruul)

Shining Chain of the Afterworld (Karazhan: Netherspite)
Emberspur Talisman (Karazhan: Nightbane)
Teeth of Gruul (Gruul’s Lair: Gruul)
Necklace of Eternal Hope (25 Badges)

Primal Mooncloth Shoulders (Craftable)
Pauldrons of the Solace Giver (Karazhan: Curator)
Light-Mantle of the Incarnate (Gruul’s Lair: High King Maulgar)

Red Riding Hood’s Cloak (Karazhan: Opera)
Stainless Cloak of the Pure Hearted (Karazhan: Prince)
Light-Touched Stole of Altruism (Auchenai Crypts: Heroic)
Bishop’s Cloak (25 Badges)

Primal Mooncloth Robe (Craftable)
Masquerade Gown (Karazhan: Opera)
Robes of the Incarnate (Magtheridon)

Bands of the Benevolent (Setthek Halls: Heroic)
Bands of Indwelling (Karazhan: Maiden of Virtue)
Bindings of the Timewalker (Keepers of Time: Exalted)

Gloves of Saintly Blessings (Karazhan: Attumen)
Handwraps of the Incarnate (Karazhan: Curator)

Primal Mooncloth Belt (Craftable)
Cincture of Will (Karazhan: Illhoof)
Cord of Sanctification (CoT Durnholde: Heroic)

Whitemend Pants (Craftable)
Pantaloons of Repentence (Karazhan: Netherspite)
Trousers of the Incarnate (Gruul’s Lair: Gruul)
Pontifex Kilt (Steamvault: Heroic)

Boots of the Incorrupt (Karazhan: Shade of Aran)
Boots of the Pious (Mechanar: Heroic)

Mender’s Heart-ring (Karazhan: Illhoof)
Jade Ring of the Everliving (Karazhan: Prince)
Band of Halos (25 Badges)
Ring of Convalescence (Honor Hold: Revered)
Violet Signet of the Grand Restorer (Violet Eye: Exalted)

Scarab of the Infinite Cycle (CoT Black Morass)
Lower City Prayerbook (Lower City, Revered)
Ribbon of Sacrifice (Karazhan: Opera)
Eye of Gruul (Gruul’s Lair: Gruul)
Essence of the Martyr (41 Badges)

Light’s Justice (Karazhan: Prince)
Shard of the Virtuous (Karazhan: Maiden of Virtue)
Nightstaff of the Everliving (Karazhan: Nightbane)
Shockwave Truncheon (Shadow Lab: Heroic)
Gavel of Pure Light (Sha’tar: Exalted)

Aran’s Soothing Sapphire (Karazhan: Shade of Aran)
Signet of Unshakable Faith (Karazhan: Moroes)
Tears of Heaven (25 Badges)
Windcaller’s Orb (Cenarion Expedition: Exalted)

Blue Diamond Witchwand (Karazhan: Opera)
Soul-wand of the Aldor (Shadow Labs)


I went back to Karazhan with Divine Might a few nights later and we managed to kill Nightbane – the last boss we had left to clear. We did it! Karazhan is done.

Nightbane Down
07.13.07 Nightbane Downed

As for my feelings on the Nightbane fight, I will say it is much harder on healers than Netherspite was. I was honestly amazing simply at how long the fight went on for – a good 15 minutes or so. As a holy priest healing with 2 paladins, I probably had the most mana problems. It worked out in the end however. I would pop a mana pot at 50%, wait til 50% again and then pop my shadow fiend… rinse and repeat. It seems to keep me afloat for the entire 15 min, but next time I will probably invest in a Flask of Major Regen. to augment the fight. Congrats to everyone I went with that night :3

In other news I updated my Character Page *shock*

Long time no write. It appears as if I got so incredibly wrapped up in my antics that I forgot about my little blog here. But I will try to make the effort to update again. My last post I had hit level 70… wow…. I have been level 70 for several months now, I am revered with all of the main factions, and I actively participate in my guild’s raiding activities. (See what unemployment can do to a girl?) I’ll try to get a screenshot up soon.

Netherspite Down 07.11.07
Netherspite Down 07.11.07

See me in the photo? I ganked it from our guild website 🙂 Two nights ago I was involved in my guild’s first killing of Netherspite. It took us about 4 tries to learn the fight and execute it, but I really enjoyed it. Afterwards we went and two-shotted the Prince. No healing gear of any sort dropped, but I guess that is the risk you take. I really enjoy raiding and guild progression is something that not only boosts morale but makes me feel like I am part of something important. So far Divine Might has killed every boss in Karazhan except Nightbane whom we will be attempting tonight… Hopefully all goes well.

04.01.07 Darnassus
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I know this is LATE news, but I did eventually hit 70 on my priest! I did it by finishing up my questing in Netherstorm (the purple planet!). It took me long enough, but I finally caught up with Taliesyn and the gang. Too bad I’m still incredibly undergeared to do any real instance running.

I respecced my happy shadow priest to Holy for the guild, but I’ve had no real chance to utilize my new skills. And I really miss my facemelt. It is an interesting change, but I can’t say I enjoy trying to solo quests this way.

I’ve been working on my baby paladin, Antimoni, since a close real life friend joined the game and we have been leveling together. I am level 40 now, and Amamethae recently hit 40 as well on her Draenei Shaman! We have recieved tons of help from Taliesyn, Darknesscred, and occasionally Arius… But I think the bulk was gotten on our own! Pictures coming soon. That is all the news for now…

01.28.07 Hellfire Peninsula
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Well it didn’t feel like I was level 60 for long… Before I knew it Burning Crusade came out and I was back to the leveling grind. I am currently Level 63 *ding*. I think I might be in a bad position – I will most likely hit level 70 and have absolutely no raiding experience… I guess with everybody else leveling for the time being it won’t be so bad. My leveling has taken me to the Outlands and I’ve explored the Hellfire Peninsula and Zangarmarsh so far. I like the new areas. Hellfire is a little barren but with a cool solar-system sky, and when Blizzard made Zangarmarsh they had to be on shrooms because… let’s just say it is truely reflected in the map design.

01.28.07 Zangarmarsh
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It is really amazing – everyone in my guild is quickly replacing their hard-earned blue and purple armors with green rewards from quests. How depressing! The expansion has really made the gear aquired from hard level 60 instances truely obsolete. Bad for them, but GREAT for a relatively new level 60 (like me!) – We were all pretty much evened out with the new gear and I’m quickly finding parties for instances! I feel like we are all leveling together for the first time.

But surely this won’t last for long. Taliesyn already hit level 70 (grats!) and Arius is already 69. They beat me already! I just have no time with school. I also started dabbling with the Draenei – I love the hooves! Well… back to playing! I better enjoy my weekend before class starts again.

01.10.07 Hearthglen
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It is amazing how much progress one can make in just a few days! I haven’t posted since I’ve been so preoccupied with work and leveling but I have some substantial improvements to report! Last time I checked in I was 3 bars from 57… but believe it or not, I am now Level 60!!! I worked REALLY hard to try and get there and I finally did it. My first level 60 toon – how exciting!

I’ve also been saving up my gold trying to afford my epic mount. I was so tired of being slow… So I made tons of potions, sold herbs, runecloth, and every single green I aquired randomly and sure enough I made enough to afford my riding skill. Taliesyn was kind enough to lend me the rest so I could afford my new mount and I an now riding my Epic Mistsaber! I can’t believe I saved up all that money and spent it in one blow. But I’m enjoying the new speed and being able to keep up with my friends when we travel. Being the one left behind all the time isn’t fun.

01.11.07 Stormwind
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Ever since I turned 60, Taliesyn has been bent on getting me new gear. Apparently my gear which was at times 10 or 20 levels too low wasn’t good enough anymore… So we started doing various instances to try and get good gear for me. I’ve gone to several so far, Stratholme Live and Undead, Scholomance, and Dire Maul to name a few. Also went to Sunken Temple today to finish up that Blood of Morpheus quest that I’ve had in my inventory forever. This screenshot is my new look!

Finding groups became much easier since I finally bit the bullet and joined Divine Might (thanks to the constant prodding of Darknesscred.) I’ve made a few new friends there and I’m really enjoying the nightly runs with Taliesyn, Arius, Darknesscred, Lilthar, and myself. They are all really fun people to play with. Especially Lilthar in his tree form :3

01.10.07 Stormwind Inn
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In general WoW news, as everybody knows there was a special quest at the Dark Portal in Blasted Lands this week. It marks the upcoming expansion: Burning Crusade. The quest required you to kill 6 monsters coming out of a portal and the reward was an Argent Dawn tabard! It is actually a usable item and has the Holy Nova effect and causes your character to flex. Here is Mercuri flexing her… lack of muscle. I kind of wish it gave extra stats or something, but as a novelty item it is pretty cool.

01.03.07 Black Rock Depths
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All the time trying to make my way to 60, and I only ever served as a “functional” priest once in my career. (I don’t count the gear runs Taliesyn and Arius took me on at a lower level where all I did was hide and loot…) I once did a random 5-man group for Zul’Farrak and after dying about 10 times, and had people complaining about me doing my job (when they were very reluctant to do theirs) I swore partying off. One bad experience can ruin em all, eh?

But tonight was an utterly different experience. I was with 4 level 60’s who all really knew their class well in Black Rock Depths (BRD). Taliesyn (hunter), Pellerin (paladin), Arius (warrior) and Zenana (mage) are all from Divine Might, and a real pleasure to play with – not to mention hilarious. This was the only screenshot I was able to take since I was so busy healing and running around. I also picked up a new staff and a new pair of pants!

So all things considered, this was my first time being “useful” and being a primary healer. I really do love my class. I like having the versatility of being a shadow priest for the time being so I can solo with ease, but when I do hit 70, I think I will respec to holy just so I can be more effective in a group setting. But for now, shadow is fine.

I got so much experience today… I am 3 bars away from turning level 57! Between BRD, EPL, and Silithus I am really making a dent.

Before I begin I have two really good pieces of news! Not only did I hit Level 55 (I totally missed 54!) but I received awesome new shoulders from a quest in Andorhal. I think this is only the second time in my Warcraft career that all my equipment matches and looks nice together. I am really digging the new purple shoulders (A nice change from the blue ones I have been wearing They seem to come in an endless amount of styles, but all still seem to look the same.)

I am really digging Eastern and Western Plague Lands. Deshwitat took me and everything is pretty central on the map (not miles long like in Felwood). There are convenient flight paths between the two and to top it all off, the monsters are pretty cool looking. My favorite skill is quickly becoming “Shackle Undead”! Another plus is the insane amount of Plagueblooms (good for my new Mongoose Potions!) Not to mention the QUESTS! Tons and tons to keep me busy for a few hours. Who knows by time I finish them maybe I’ll be level 56 or 57!

I am really excited – I am hitting the level now where I will soon be able to accompany the rest of my friends in thier level 60 adventures which I have been missing out on… But I am NOT looking forward to finding a replacement for my white robe (which Deshwitat has been urging me to do.) I am also slowly learning about Rep rewards and whatnot (a topic which has been totally unknown to me until now) So I’ve been on my merry way collecting “Scourgestones” as I traverse these new lands.

12.30.06 Azshara
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Wow… I finished 2 levels yesterday and one today! (Amazing how being sick can really put you on a roll!) 6 more until I can officially feel accomplished with my Priest. I did a lot of flying (and riding) today trying to get to new locations for some of the quests. One of my quests took me to Azshara – it was so pretty during the day! It felt like a place of eternal autumn as well as a true forgotten area. It seemed as if I was the only one exploring it. Such a nice change from the more crowded areas. I walked here all the way from Ratchet… I had no closer flightpath… I will just say one thing: I am really greatful for my Frostsaber.

I also finished some minor quests at Western Plague Lands and Burning Steppes alone, as well as made a visit to Winterspring! It is really beautiful there as well. I feel as if (in regard to the higher-level questing areas) they are either extremely pretty or very ugly (usually heavy on the ugly side!)

12.30.06 Ironforge
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Later today I played again with Deshwitat. We met at the Burning Steppes south of Ironforge and spent the night killing Ogres, Orcs, and Dragon Broodlings. I was really surprised at how many quests there were. The running joke of the night soon became that every quest simply led to another quest for Black Rock Depths (BRD). Sure enough I now have 8 quests for later this week – ALL for BRD! I caught Arius on as well and he said he would be happy to help. I haven’t played with him in a while so it will be fun I’m sure (if he doesn’t die a gazillion times! Oh wait… I take that back… it wouldn’t be normal if he didn’t!)

Looks like I’ll be busy this week! It would be nice to hit 60 before Burning Crusade comes out… (or at least before second semester starts! I don’t think I’ll have ANY time!) Until next time…

12.30.06 Auberdine
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First Post! It is always so exciting to start a new site, no matter what the content. I’ve been spending more time on WoW as of my holiday break and figured that making a small diary of my ventures might be fun! So bear with me anybody who happens to traffic this site. For introduction’s sake, I go by the name of Mercuri and I am a Shadow Priest on Kael’Thas server. My professions are currently Herbalism 300 and Alchemy 280 (I just recently learned Mongoose Potion!) I haven’t been playing too long and I am still rather new to Azeroth, but I am enjoying it thus far.

Today me and Deshwitat finished our questing in Un’Goro Crater (it took long enough!) and we have been traveling ever since! Since then I’ve made stops in various towns all over Azeroth, but mostly dabbling in Felwood. We completed all but the hardest quests there and I hit level 52 there (one closer to the infamous 60!) A hunter I ran into today asked me if this was my first toon, and then proceeded to say “The game doesn’t really begin until 60.” I’m sure that is true enough for some, but in the same respect I’ve had a lot of fun playing up until now and I am still far from reaching “60”. I think there is a real beauty to the questing aspect of WoW that I missed in other MMORPG’s. It gives new players a chance to make friends and to form initial bonds…

Perhaps we will all be lumped together when Burning Crusade comes out?


Welcome to the World of Warcraft travel log of Mercuri, a Holy Priestess from on the Kael'Thas server and her various alts.


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