04.01.07 Darnassus
Originally uploaded by mercuri_frost.

I know this is LATE news, but I did eventually hit 70 on my priest! I did it by finishing up my questing in Netherstorm (the purple planet!). It took me long enough, but I finally caught up with Taliesyn and the gang. Too bad I’m still incredibly undergeared to do any real instance running.

I respecced my happy shadow priest to Holy for the guild, but I’ve had no real chance to utilize my new skills. And I really miss my facemelt. It is an interesting change, but I can’t say I enjoy trying to solo quests this way.

I’ve been working on my baby paladin, Antimoni, since a close real life friend joined the game and we have been leveling together. I am level 40 now, and Amamethae recently hit 40 as well on her Draenei Shaman! We have recieved tons of help from Taliesyn, Darknesscred, and occasionally Arius… But I think the bulk was gotten on our own! Pictures coming soon. That is all the news for now…