I am a wee bit late in posting this, but my guild has officially downed Solarian! (At the time of this post, we have downed her twice!) I’m really proud of my guild. After successfully killing VR, our progress in 25-mans has been rather static. This came amongst a whole transition in leadership and guild structure and it is nice to see the fruits of our efforts. We had a few unsuccessful learning attempts getting her down to 50% and 40%, and then our last attempt we executed it flawlessly. We went back again this week to execute another flawless kill. And here is the best part of all: Ethereum Life-Staff. Although the +heal is not much of an improvement (My Light’s Justice + Voodoo Shaker has more when paired together), the increase in Sta and Spirit are welcome additions.

Solarian really isn’t too difficult a fight to heal if everyone is doing their job. It is more a fight of coordination than healing. It is fast-paced and challenging but not impossible if people learn to move out of the group when Arcane Wrath targets them. I use Deadly Boss Mods and amongst my raiding windows, the warnings were hard to see. Let’s face it: when I am healing, I am paying attention to little else. I ended up downloading Solarian Alarm. This nifty addon is simple and performs one feature: turns your screen bright blue when you are the target. I don’t have to worry about reading message, listening for a warning, hearing my name on vent… I just wait for my screen to turn blue. I would recommend it for any healer who isn’t the best at multitasking.

Wiped a few times on Al’ar this week – I have my fingers crossed that we can down him as well within 2 weeks. Our best attempt had it down to 40% in Phase 2.