01.03.07 Black Rock Depths
Originally uploaded by mercuri_frost.

All the time trying to make my way to 60, and I only ever served as a “functional” priest once in my career. (I don’t count the gear runs Taliesyn and Arius took me on at a lower level where all I did was hide and loot…) I once did a random 5-man group for Zul’Farrak and after dying about 10 times, and had people complaining about me doing my job (when they were very reluctant to do theirs) I swore partying off. One bad experience can ruin em all, eh?

But tonight was an utterly different experience. I was with 4 level 60’s who all really knew their class well in Black Rock Depths (BRD). Taliesyn (hunter), Pellerin (paladin), Arius (warrior) and Zenana (mage) are all from Divine Might, and a real pleasure to play with – not to mention hilarious. This was the only screenshot I was able to take since I was so busy healing and running around. I also picked up a new staff and a new pair of pants!

So all things considered, this was my first time being “useful” and being a primary healer. I really do love my class. I like having the versatility of being a shadow priest for the time being so I can solo with ease, but when I do hit 70, I think I will respec to holy just so I can be more effective in a group setting. But for now, shadow is fine.

I got so much experience today… I am 3 bars away from turning level 57! Between BRD, EPL, and Silithus I am really making a dent.