I am a wee bit late in posting this, but my guild has officially downed Solarian! (At the time of this post, we have downed her twice!) I’m really proud of my guild. After successfully killing VR, our progress in 25-mans has been rather static. This came amongst a whole transition in leadership and guild structure and it is nice to see the fruits of our efforts. We had a few unsuccessful learning attempts getting her down to 50% and 40%, and then our last attempt we executed it flawlessly. We went back again this week to execute another flawless kill. And here is the best part of all: Ethereum Life-Staff. Although the +heal is not much of an improvement (My Light’s Justice + Voodoo Shaker has more when paired together), the increase in Sta and Spirit are welcome additions.

Solarian really isn’t too difficult a fight to heal if everyone is doing their job. It is more a fight of coordination than healing. It is fast-paced and challenging but not impossible if people learn to move out of the group when Arcane Wrath targets them. I use Deadly Boss Mods and amongst my raiding windows, the warnings were hard to see. Let’s face it: when I am healing, I am paying attention to little else. I ended up downloading Solarian Alarm. This nifty addon is simple and performs one feature: turns your screen bright blue when you are the target. I don’t have to worry about reading message, listening for a warning, hearing my name on vent… I just wait for my screen to turn blue. I would recommend it for any healer who isn’t the best at multitasking.

Wiped a few times on Al’ar this week – I have my fingers crossed that we can down him as well within 2 weeks. Our best attempt had it down to 40% in Phase 2.


Long time, No post! I’ve been very busy with real life. Of course I’ve continued to plug away at WoW, but my own personal time (i.e. blog reading/writing time) has suffered! I just wanted to link a few resources that I have had in my favorite places. I know many of you participate on forums and the like (most likely related to your guild) and wow-related signatures have gained a lot of popularity! I’ve been collecting links whenever I see a new site so enjoy the sites and examples posted here.

Antiarc’s WoW Sig Image Generator

This is one of my favorite generators because I find it the most versatile in color/design. I also think the end result looks flattering. Instead of using background images, it sticks with a simple gradient. The variety of color is perfect, the fonts are clear, and you can use their default images or upload your own. Up to 5 stats.


This site has a great login feature to manage your signatures: good for those with multiple characters who make slight changes a lot. A decent range of colors for fonts. It uses a background image instead of a gradient. My biggest issue is that the font occasionally looks “fuzzy” on the end result. Up to 7 stats.

Thrissa’s Signature Generator

This gen. is the easiest to use: input name and sever and there ya go! However it also has the least customizations available. It gives you your character on 4 main templates, and chooses stats for you.

Grumpy Coder Paper Doll

I’m not sure whether you would consider this a signature gen or an avatar gen, but I still think it is pretty damn cool. It takes everything you are wearing and spits it out on a paper doll. It is simple, no text, but you get an image identical to your character. I have included my main characters and bank alt to show! Now if only I could do /helm off for my mage…

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And alas! My very much belated Zul’Aman post (what can I say, the holidays have kept me busy!) I’m sure many priests are squee-ing over the loot possibilities that ZA presents us. Aside from giving us new fashion options (we can dress up like a witch doctor and STILL have 1337 heals) ZA is an instance that brings a whole new level of challenge for priests fresh out of Kara and Gruul. It is meant to be hard (especially if aiming for the timed event) and it isn’t meant for the faint of heart. In terms of a group, each member’s role has never been as important as it is now. We could always make do with some wonky Kara groups, but I don’t think those will make the cut any longer! Having Kara loot isn’t simply enough: each member of the group needs to be adaptive to a variety of situations for both bosses and trash.

I would talk about each individual boss, but we have lovely strategy guides for stuff like that. Let me just say that I am proud of my own guild for our progress. We (Divine Might) have downed the first three bosses and got a good few attempts on the Dragonhawk Boss, Jan’Alai. I’m pretty sure the next time we go in, he will go down as well. For the record, I like the Bear and Lynx, and loathe the Eagle and Dragonhawk as they are a pain to heal with all the raid-wide damage.

I hope everyone has been good lil’ priests and looked at the loot tables for both ZA drops and the new Badge Rewards. I made a simple spreadsheet (mainly for myself, but hey – I’m willing to share) which shows the number differences between gear. It takes a piece of 2.3 gear and compares it to other pieces of Kara/T4/Gruul Loot. I did it so I could prioritize my wishlist, aiming first for the biggest upgrades. — 2.3 Loot Comparison Excel: Click Here

Fishing 1
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As many of you know, I love collecting pets. There is something magical about having a little critter following you around Azeroth and Outland bopping along as you run… Okay not really, but they certainly look adorable. So needless to say once I saw the Mr. Pinchy pet, I added one more to-do to my already monstrous list: level up fishing.

Of course I need to do it for practical reasons as well for my secret stash of golden fish sticks is slowly depleting itself each time we run Voidreaver… But the REAL reason is that little pet. Of course, receiving the fishing chair from Taliesyn (thank you!) has been a real incentive. Nothing like parking my bottom in a low level area to fish for a few minutes and getting a small crowd gathered around me saying “What IS that!” My fishing chair is exquisite, really. My underside of my pretty umbrella is adorned with hooks, worms, and starfish and I have a built in spot for the Cask of Merlot I picked up in Stormwind. There is nothing like it…. and I am sure it will pave my way to fishing victory.

Unfortunately I am still stuck on 190/375… Hopefully this chair doesn’t lose its novelty too soon >.<

I’ve been receiving a lot of tells lately regarding gem choices for priests. I’m not a jewelcrafter (the closest I have is a lvl 28 JC alt!) so I’m probably not the most “qualified” to answer any gem-related questions, but I can offer a basic list of healing gems you might consider and a good resource to find more information. Your choices may reflect your deficiencies or play-style so which gems you prefer is often a personal preference. After all, we all may want pretty shinies and jewels, but if we don’t have the right ones, in WoW standards, we might as well be walking around with garbage stuffed between our gear. So without further ado…

The Resouce: WoW Gems: Xornot’s Gem Finder
Let me be honest… I swear by this website. Every time I receive a raw gem, I open this up to see what can be made for it. Every time I get a new piece of slotted gear, I double check to see the different ways I can socket my gear. The site allows you to filter the gems based on stats, +heal, mp5, spell damage, color, and gem-type… You really have no excuse not to use it. So favorite place it, love it, cherish it, and use it!!

The Gems:
Some gems are obvious choices for priests and I shall post links to those sorted lists for the lazy.

Mana Regen

Gruul’s Lair
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My my my, it has been a long time. I’ve been slightly out of commission for the longest while due to surgery and when it all came down to it, I guess this site came last! However, I am going to make a conscious effort to make a few more posts here and there.

Divine Might has been progressing along very nicely. Our guild has downed Gruul (see photo of my solo kill – muahahaha!) and Voidreaver and is working hard to get these two bosses on farm status. It has been a great morale booster for the guild and it is nice to see all of our hard work pay off. I missed out on the VR kill (*cries*) but it is good news none-the-less.

Gruul’s Lair
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Marielle is now 68 working on 69 (see! it HAS been a while!) and my little baby is all grown up. She will be a herbalist/tailor at 70 and is gaining rep with the Aldor so I can get those missing recipes. I’ll update my crafting list when I get those.

I don’t think Merc has acquired any new gear since my last post, but I DID get the Sinister Squashling from the Headless Horseman event! (YAY!) and I’ll post a screenie of him eventually. I am going to make a list of my acquired pets too… I was so sad that my illness caused me to miss out on getting the Wolpertinger… Ah well, more later.

My little side-project fire mage has now hit 52… I remember when I blogged about Mercuri herself finally hitting WPL and now I have a second character there. It is a little surreal to be doing all those quests again. Some I remember clearly while others are a big blur. Did I ever mention that I hate the termites quest? I’ve been bouncing back and forth between WPL, Un’Goro, and Felwood for the time being… soon EPL and Winterspring are sure to be added to my list.

In terms of professions, Marielle is a skinner and a herbalist. I figured it was a good way to go when I started her since I need the money and both are gathering professions. When she hits 70, I might turn skinning into Tailoring (yes, another one… this time Spellfire) and leave herbalism to gather for Mercuri. Taliesyn has also been busy with his new warlock Heimdal who recently hit 54… I tried to keep up really! I just get frustrated too fast and he ends up outleveling me.

After being out of commission due to a medical emergency (getting my gallbladder removed) I am back! For the general information of both me and my guild I’ve put together a Crafting Page. On it lists everything Mercuri can brew/sew. Hopefully it will prevent the slew of pms saying “Can you make ______?” from the same people – just check the list! I’ve only included Burning Crusade recipes and patterns so anything before the expansion will still need to ask for. I’ll do my best to keep it updated.

The Loot Rules for Divine Might have changed! And due to it, lucky me has gotten some nice off-spec gear (instead of DEing them!) This week I’ve picked up Nethershard Girdle, Brooch of Unquenchable Fury, and Trial-fire Trousers! ANYTHING to help a Holy Priest solo is a welcome addition to my armory.

Next week is a “Progression Week” and Divine Might heads for Gruul! That ugly Gronn is goin’ down!

Nightbane 07.21.07
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These screenshots come from the Nightbane fight in Karazhan. If you couldn’t tell, they were taken while I lay dead. Being a priest, I pay more attention to health bars and decursive that I do to the actual fight or graphics. However, whenever I die I almost always turn off my UI and Character Names just so I can enjoy watching the rest of the fight (or wipe!) It is the only time I really get to enjoy the graphics of the raid! I think they came out *really* well.

I find the Nightbane fight to be the hardest in all of Karazhan for multiple reasons. The biggest of those being the sheer amount of time the fight goes on. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a good 15 minutes or more. Add consumables on top of that and it is also a huge drain of cash. I will say though, having my alchemist stone REALLY helps with my mana.

Nightbane 07.21.07
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I got some new loot from this week in Karazhan. Jade Ring of the Everliving from Prince and Shining Chain of the Afterworld from Netherspite. Grats to Malavar on the Light’s Justice too. My gear is starting to look complete – all epics except for 1 trinket and my stupid green wand…

I wonder what (if any) raid I will be leading this week. My best is either a Day 1 or Day 2… I actually prefer Day 2 over Day 1 since I feel more competent with the material.

Well a few days ago I summoned the nerve and applied to become one of my guild’s “Raid Leader”s. We were relatively short on them with an increasing interest in Karazhan, and I’ve been on enough runs to understand the basic jist of everything… so I decided to go for it. Last night was my “trial run” in Karazhan.

Due to the raid makeup, we couldn’t accomplish too much but we downed Curator and then proceeded to Chess event. I know it isn’t much, but I tried really hard to do well and to speak up. I’m still learning the abilities of the other classes. I’m a quiet person by nature so it was a little outside of my comfort zone but I thought I managed to do alright. And I must have done okay because I was promoted to Officer soon after. Little more practice on my part and I should be good to go.

I never realized how hard it was to heal and then lead at the same time. Because I pay more attention to health bars than the health of the boss it is sometimes difficult to judge when I should do what. At one point, I was so involved and anxious that I failed to notice half my armor got broken. It will take a bit of getting used to. Wish me luck.


Welcome to the World of Warcraft travel log of Mercuri, a Holy Priestess from on the Kael'Thas server and her various alts.


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