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And alas! My very much belated Zul’Aman post (what can I say, the holidays have kept me busy!) I’m sure many priests are squee-ing over the loot possibilities that ZA presents us. Aside from giving us new fashion options (we can dress up like a witch doctor and STILL have 1337 heals) ZA is an instance that brings a whole new level of challenge for priests fresh out of Kara and Gruul. It is meant to be hard (especially if aiming for the timed event) and it isn’t meant for the faint of heart. In terms of a group, each member’s role has never been as important as it is now. We could always make do with some wonky Kara groups, but I don’t think those will make the cut any longer! Having Kara loot isn’t simply enough: each member of the group needs to be adaptive to a variety of situations for both bosses and trash.

I would talk about each individual boss, but we have lovely strategy guides for stuff like that. Let me just say that I am proud of my own guild for our progress. We (Divine Might) have downed the first three bosses and got a good few attempts on the Dragonhawk Boss, Jan’Alai. I’m pretty sure the next time we go in, he will go down as well. For the record, I like the Bear and Lynx, and loathe the Eagle and Dragonhawk as they are a pain to heal with all the raid-wide damage.

I hope everyone has been good lil’ priests and looked at the loot tables for both ZA drops and the new Badge Rewards. I made a simple spreadsheet (mainly for myself, but hey – I’m willing to share) which shows the number differences between gear. It takes a piece of 2.3 gear and compares it to other pieces of Kara/T4/Gruul Loot. I did it so I could prioritize my wishlist, aiming first for the biggest upgrades. — 2.3 Loot Comparison Excel: Click Here