01.10.07 Hearthglen
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It is amazing how much progress one can make in just a few days! I haven’t posted since I’ve been so preoccupied with work and leveling but I have some substantial improvements to report! Last time I checked in I was 3 bars from 57… but believe it or not, I am now Level 60!!! I worked REALLY hard to try and get there and I finally did it. My first level 60 toon – how exciting!

I’ve also been saving up my gold trying to afford my epic mount. I was so tired of being slow… So I made tons of potions, sold herbs, runecloth, and every single green I aquired randomly and sure enough I made enough to afford my riding skill. Taliesyn was kind enough to lend me the rest so I could afford my new mount and I an now riding my Epic Mistsaber! I can’t believe I saved up all that money and spent it in one blow. But I’m enjoying the new speed and being able to keep up with my friends when we travel. Being the one left behind all the time isn’t fun.

01.11.07 Stormwind
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Ever since I turned 60, Taliesyn has been bent on getting me new gear. Apparently my gear which was at times 10 or 20 levels too low wasn’t good enough anymore… So we started doing various instances to try and get good gear for me. I’ve gone to several so far, Stratholme Live and Undead, Scholomance, and Dire Maul to name a few. Also went to Sunken Temple today to finish up that Blood of Morpheus quest that I’ve had in my inventory forever. This screenshot is my new look!

Finding groups became much easier since I finally bit the bullet and joined Divine Might (thanks to the constant prodding of Darknesscred.) I’ve made a few new friends there and I’m really enjoying the nightly runs with Taliesyn, Arius, Darknesscred, Lilthar, and myself. They are all really fun people to play with. Especially Lilthar in his tree form :3

01.10.07 Stormwind Inn
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In general WoW news, as everybody knows there was a special quest at the Dark Portal in Blasted Lands this week. It marks the upcoming expansion: Burning Crusade. The quest required you to kill 6 monsters coming out of a portal and the reward was an Argent Dawn tabard! It is actually a usable item and has the Holy Nova effect and causes your character to flex. Here is Mercuri flexing her… lack of muscle. I kind of wish it gave extra stats or something, but as a novelty item it is pretty cool.