Before I begin I have two really good pieces of news! Not only did I hit Level 55 (I totally missed 54!) but I received awesome new shoulders from a quest in Andorhal. I think this is only the second time in my Warcraft career that all my equipment matches and looks nice together. I am really digging the new purple shoulders (A nice change from the blue ones I have been wearing They seem to come in an endless amount of styles, but all still seem to look the same.)

I am really digging Eastern and Western Plague Lands. Deshwitat took me and everything is pretty central on the map (not miles long like in Felwood). There are convenient flight paths between the two and to top it all off, the monsters are pretty cool looking. My favorite skill is quickly becoming “Shackle Undead”! Another plus is the insane amount of Plagueblooms (good for my new Mongoose Potions!) Not to mention the QUESTS! Tons and tons to keep me busy for a few hours. Who knows by time I finish them maybe I’ll be level 56 or 57!

I am really excited – I am hitting the level now where I will soon be able to accompany the rest of my friends in thier level 60 adventures which I have been missing out on… But I am NOT looking forward to finding a replacement for my white robe (which Deshwitat has been urging me to do.) I am also slowly learning about Rep rewards and whatnot (a topic which has been totally unknown to me until now) So I’ve been on my merry way collecting “Scourgestones” as I traverse these new lands.