Welcome to Mercuri, the self-titled gaming blog for my character on the World of Warcraft. I play on Kael’thas server and I have a level 70 Holy Priest. I would consider myself a pretty casual gamer, with the only really long stretches of time played when I am off on holiday – but I still enjoy the game immensely. I’ve only been playing WoW since the summer of ’06!

I am a 21 year old female (playing a female toon) and I graduated from a liberal arts college. My major was East Asian Studies and I have a minor in Japanese – I love what I do. Some of my hobbies include looking at art, drawing, graphic design, reading, gaming, and studying. I spent a year abroad in Tokyo, and it is something that has really helped me to learn my own identity while studying how others negotiate theirs. I play WoW on a 15′ Macbook Pro.