I’ve been receiving a lot of tells lately regarding gem choices for priests. I’m not a jewelcrafter (the closest I have is a lvl 28 JC alt!) so I’m probably not the most “qualified” to answer any gem-related questions, but I can offer a basic list of healing gems you might consider and a good resource to find more information. Your choices may reflect your deficiencies or play-style so which gems you prefer is often a personal preference. After all, we all may want pretty shinies and jewels, but if we don’t have the right ones, in WoW standards, we might as well be walking around with garbage stuffed between our gear. So without further ado…

The Resouce: WoW Gems: Xornot’s Gem Finder
Let me be honest… I swear by this website. Every time I receive a raw gem, I open this up to see what can be made for it. Every time I get a new piece of slotted gear, I double check to see the different ways I can socket my gear. The site allows you to filter the gems based on stats, +heal, mp5, spell damage, color, and gem-type… You really have no excuse not to use it. So favorite place it, love it, cherish it, and use it!!

The Gems:
Some gems are obvious choices for priests and I shall post links to those sorted lists for the lazy.

Mana Regen