I went back to Karazhan with Divine Might a few nights later and we managed to kill Nightbane – the last boss we had left to clear. We did it! Karazhan is done.

Nightbane Down
07.13.07 Nightbane Downed

As for my feelings on the Nightbane fight, I will say it is much harder on healers than Netherspite was. I was honestly amazing simply at how long the fight went on for – a good 15 minutes or so. As a holy priest healing with 2 paladins, I probably had the most mana problems. It worked out in the end however. I would pop a mana pot at 50%, wait til 50% again and then pop my shadow fiend… rinse and repeat. It seems to keep me afloat for the entire 15 min, but next time I will probably invest in a Flask of Major Regen. to augment the fight. Congrats to everyone I went with that night :3

In other news I updated my Character Page *shock*