12.30.06 Azshara
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Wow… I finished 2 levels yesterday and one today! (Amazing how being sick can really put you on a roll!) 6 more until I can officially feel accomplished with my Priest. I did a lot of flying (and riding) today trying to get to new locations for some of the quests. One of my quests took me to Azshara – it was so pretty during the day! It felt like a place of eternal autumn as well as a true forgotten area. It seemed as if I was the only one exploring it. Such a nice change from the more crowded areas. I walked here all the way from Ratchet… I had no closer flightpath… I will just say one thing: I am really greatful for my Frostsaber.

I also finished some minor quests at Western Plague Lands and Burning Steppes alone, as well as made a visit to Winterspring! It is really beautiful there as well. I feel as if (in regard to the higher-level questing areas) they are either extremely pretty or very ugly (usually heavy on the ugly side!)

12.30.06 Ironforge
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Later today I played again with Deshwitat. We met at the Burning Steppes south of Ironforge and spent the night killing Ogres, Orcs, and Dragon Broodlings. I was really surprised at how many quests there were. The running joke of the night soon became that every quest simply led to another quest for Black Rock Depths (BRD). Sure enough I now have 8 quests for later this week – ALL for BRD! I caught Arius on as well and he said he would be happy to help. I haven’t played with him in a while so it will be fun I’m sure (if he doesn’t die a gazillion times! Oh wait… I take that back… it wouldn’t be normal if he didn’t!)

Looks like I’ll be busy this week! It would be nice to hit 60 before Burning Crusade comes out… (or at least before second semester starts! I don’t think I’ll have ANY time!) Until next time…