01.28.07 Hellfire Peninsula
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Well it didn’t feel like I was level 60 for long… Before I knew it Burning Crusade came out and I was back to the leveling grind. I am currently Level 63 *ding*. I think I might be in a bad position – I will most likely hit level 70 and have absolutely no raiding experience… I guess with everybody else leveling for the time being it won’t be so bad. My leveling has taken me to the Outlands and I’ve explored the Hellfire Peninsula and Zangarmarsh so far. I like the new areas. Hellfire is a little barren but with a cool solar-system sky, and when Blizzard made Zangarmarsh they had to be on shrooms because… let’s just say it is truely reflected in the map design.

01.28.07 Zangarmarsh
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It is really amazing – everyone in my guild is quickly replacing their hard-earned blue and purple armors with green rewards from quests. How depressing! The expansion has really made the gear aquired from hard level 60 instances truely obsolete. Bad for them, but GREAT for a relatively new level 60 (like me!) – We were all pretty much evened out with the new gear and I’m quickly finding parties for instances! I feel like we are all leveling together for the first time.

But surely this won’t last for long. Taliesyn already hit level 70 (grats!) and Arius is already 69. They beat me already! I just have no time with school. I also started dabbling with the Draenei – I love the hooves! Well… back to playing! I better enjoy my weekend before class starts again.