Fishing 1
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As many of you know, I love collecting pets. There is something magical about having a little critter following you around Azeroth and Outland bopping along as you run… Okay not really, but they certainly look adorable. So needless to say once I saw the Mr. Pinchy pet, I added one more to-do to my already monstrous list: level up fishing.

Of course I need to do it for practical reasons as well for my secret stash of golden fish sticks is slowly depleting itself each time we run Voidreaver… But the REAL reason is that little pet. Of course, receiving the fishing chair from Taliesyn (thank you!) has been a real incentive. Nothing like parking my bottom in a low level area to fish for a few minutes and getting a small crowd gathered around me saying “What IS that!” My fishing chair is exquisite, really. My underside of my pretty umbrella is adorned with hooks, worms, and starfish and I have a built in spot for the Cask of Merlot I picked up in Stormwind. There is nothing like it…. and I am sure it will pave my way to fishing victory.

Unfortunately I am still stuck on 190/375… Hopefully this chair doesn’t lose its novelty too soon >.<