12.30.06 Auberdine
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First Post! It is always so exciting to start a new site, no matter what the content. I’ve been spending more time on WoW as of my holiday break and figured that making a small diary of my ventures might be fun! So bear with me anybody who happens to traffic this site. For introduction’s sake, I go by the name of Mercuri and I am a Shadow Priest on Kael’Thas server. My professions are currently Herbalism 300 and Alchemy 280 (I just recently learned Mongoose Potion!) I haven’t been playing too long and I am still rather new to Azeroth, but I am enjoying it thus far.

Today me and Deshwitat finished our questing in Un’Goro Crater (it took long enough!) and we have been traveling ever since! Since then I’ve made stops in various towns all over Azeroth, but mostly dabbling in Felwood. We completed all but the hardest quests there and I hit level 52 there (one closer to the infamous 60!) A hunter I ran into today asked me if this was my first toon, and then proceeded to say “The game doesn’t really begin until 60.” I’m sure that is true enough for some, but in the same respect I’ve had a lot of fun playing up until now and I am still far from reaching “60”. I think there is a real beauty to the questing aspect of WoW that I missed in other MMORPG’s. It gives new players a chance to make friends and to form initial bonds…

Perhaps we will all be lumped together when Burning Crusade comes out?