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Long time, No post! I’ve been very busy with real life. Of course I’ve continued to plug away at WoW, but my own personal time (i.e. blog reading/writing time) has suffered! I just wanted to link a few resources that I have had in my favorite places. I know many of you participate on forums and the like (most likely related to your guild) and wow-related signatures have gained a lot of popularity! I’ve been collecting links whenever I see a new site so enjoy the sites and examples posted here.

Antiarc’s WoW Sig Image Generator

This is one of my favorite generators because I find it the most versatile in color/design. I also think the end result looks flattering. Instead of using background images, it sticks with a simple gradient. The variety of color is perfect, the fonts are clear, and you can use their default images or upload your own. Up to 5 stats.

This site has a great login feature to manage your signatures: good for those with multiple characters who make slight changes a lot. A decent range of colors for fonts. It uses a background image instead of a gradient. My biggest issue is that the font occasionally looks “fuzzy” on the end result. Up to 7 stats.

Thrissa’s Signature Generator

This gen. is the easiest to use: input name and sever and there ya go! However it also has the least customizations available. It gives you your character on 4 main templates, and chooses stats for you.

Grumpy Coder Paper Doll

I’m not sure whether you would consider this a signature gen or an avatar gen, but I still think it is pretty damn cool. It takes everything you are wearing and spits it out on a paper doll. It is simple, no text, but you get an image identical to your character. I have included my main characters and bank alt to show! Now if only I could do /helm off for my mage…


I’ve been receiving a lot of tells lately regarding gem choices for priests. I’m not a jewelcrafter (the closest I have is a lvl 28 JC alt!) so I’m probably not the most “qualified” to answer any gem-related questions, but I can offer a basic list of healing gems you might consider and a good resource to find more information. Your choices may reflect your deficiencies or play-style so which gems you prefer is often a personal preference. After all, we all may want pretty shinies and jewels, but if we don’t have the right ones, in WoW standards, we might as well be walking around with garbage stuffed between our gear. So without further ado…

The Resouce: WoW Gems: Xornot’s Gem Finder
Let me be honest… I swear by this website. Every time I receive a raw gem, I open this up to see what can be made for it. Every time I get a new piece of slotted gear, I double check to see the different ways I can socket my gear. The site allows you to filter the gems based on stats, +heal, mp5, spell damage, color, and gem-type… You really have no excuse not to use it. So favorite place it, love it, cherish it, and use it!!

The Gems:
Some gems are obvious choices for priests and I shall post links to those sorted lists for the lazy.

Mana Regen


Welcome to the World of Warcraft travel log of Mercuri, a Holy Priestess from on the Kael'Thas server and her various alts.


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