My little side-project fire mage has now hit 52… I remember when I blogged about Mercuri herself finally hitting WPL and now I have a second character there. It is a little surreal to be doing all those quests again. Some I remember clearly while others are a big blur. Did I ever mention that I hate the termites quest? I’ve been bouncing back and forth between WPL, Un’Goro, and Felwood for the time being… soon EPL and Winterspring are sure to be added to my list.

In terms of professions, Marielle is a skinner and a herbalist. I figured it was a good way to go when I started her since I need the money and both are gathering professions. When she hits 70, I might turn skinning into Tailoring (yes, another one… this time Spellfire) and leave herbalism to gather for Mercuri. Taliesyn has also been busy with his new warlock Heimdal who recently hit 54… I tried to keep up really! I just get frustrated too fast and he ends up outleveling me.