After being out of commission due to a medical emergency (getting my gallbladder removed) I am back! For the general information of both me and my guild I’ve put together a Crafting Page. On it lists everything Mercuri can brew/sew. Hopefully it will prevent the slew of pms saying “Can you make ______?” from the same people – just check the list! I’ve only included Burning Crusade recipes and patterns so anything before the expansion will still need to ask for. I’ll do my best to keep it updated.

The Loot Rules for Divine Might have changed! And due to it, lucky me has gotten some nice off-spec gear (instead of DEing them!) This week I’ve picked up Nethershard Girdle, Brooch of Unquenchable Fury, and Trial-fire Trousers! ANYTHING to help a Holy Priest solo is a welcome addition to my armory.

Next week is a “Progression Week” and Divine Might heads for Gruul! That ugly Gronn is goin’ down!